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The Water Crisis Isn’t Over

Recent storms have eased our water worries to a degree – the state Department of Water Resources reports that the Sierra snowpack is at 80% of normal. But because of the dry winters of 2007 and 2008, California still needs much more precipitation:

Elissa Lynn, a meteorologist for the Department of Water Resources, said the water content in the snow would have to be between 120 to 130 percent of normal by April 1 to replenish the state’s reservoirs, the largest of which are less than half full. “That’s just the snowpack,” Lynn said. “We need to have rainfall in the mountains continuing through the spring, contributing to the total water supply. That’s what we had hardly any of last year.”

Rain and snow would have to fall virtually every day this month to get back to normal, a highly unlikely scenario, according to Steve Anderson, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

The LA Times uses these numbers to explore whether proponents of new dams and canals are overstating the crisis in order to generate support for their favored water projects:

The water interests who have spit out grim news releases the last two months were silent Monday in the face of the growing snowpack.

Those who would like to build new reservoirs and canals and to weaken environmental regulations have invoked the drought like a mantra in recent weeks…

Sen. Dave Cogdill, a Republican who represents agriculture-dependent Modesto, called the drought “epic” when he introduced a $10-billion water bond package last week that includes funding for new reservoirs and other infrastructure.

There’s no doubt that folks like Cogdill are trying to take advantage of the crisis – but the water crisis is real, even if it’s not quite as bad right now as it looks. On a regional basis the situation is still serious – the Monterey Peninsula, for example, overshot its carrying capacity long ago and has been overdrawing the Carmel River for decades. Growing propulations and more water-intensive agriculture have strained existing resources. And global warming will lead to less water availability for California.

Still, it’s important to refuse to let California get shock doctrined by those pushing bad water solutions using the drought as a cover. That was the message Debbie Cook delivered on desalination in a post at The Oil Drum:

The next worst idea to turning tar sands into synthetic crude is turning ocean water into municipal drinking water. Sounds great until you zoom in on the environmental costs and energetic consequences. It may be technically feasible, but in the end it is unsustainable and will be just one more stranded asset.

We’re debating desal here in Monterey as well, and Debbie Cook’s criticisms of the concept are extremely valuable to us – and to a state that, despite this week’s rain, still has to figure out how to secure its water future.

Meet Three Women Who Have Changed Orange County

Former Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook stopped bad developments in parks and beaches, and led the efforts to clean up the water off Orange County’s coast. In the meantime, she became a national leader on energy issues.

Costa Mesa City Councilwoman Katrina Foley has led the fight to improve her city’s quality of life, fought for better parks and increased opportunities for her city’s youth as others on the Costa Mesa City Council were more concerned with ugly immigrant bashing.

Irvine Councilwoman Beth Krom helped to create Orange County’s visionary Great Park, and her leadership has made Irvine a model of sustainable planning, green building and environmental stewardship.

You can meet them this Saturday, Feb. 28 as they join the Orange County League of Conservation Voters for a roundtable discussion on building a green political farm team for Orange County.

Environmental Roundtable

“2010 Goal:  Progressive Change in Orange County”

Saturday, February 28, 2009

9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Santiago Creek Wildlife and Watershed Center

600 E. Memory Lane, Santa Ana

To RSVP contact Robin Everett at [email protected] or call 949-338-5356

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Monday Open Thread

Your last word in what’s happenin’ (apologies to Raj and Rerun):

• Here’s George Skelton having some fun and making up statistics to scapegoat immigrants, failing to mention the economic activity they produce and the Social Security payroll taxes they pay but never collect.  It’s simply wrong to pander to xenophobes the way Skelton does in this piece, under the guise of “being honest.”  If you want to be honest, explain that, as baby boomers age, the fiscal impact of younger workers in the country is positive, at least so says that left-wing rag the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and countless other studies.

• Debbie Cook has resufaced at the new site OC Progressive, and she writes a strong post about to need to collectively focus on energy as crucial to our future as a sustainable planet.  It’s really good.

• The Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A. reduced its staff by 20%.  Not only construction and manufacturing jobs are affected by the meltdown.  The arts and non-profits are among the hardest-hit.

• Just why did the NFL and the Los Angeles NBC affiliate ban an ad on marriage equality, and then lie that they weren’t airing “advocacy-based” ads during on Super Bowl Sunday to boot?  Someone ought to find out.

• California now has less wind power capacity than Iowa.  I don’t totally agree with the conclusions for why, but it’s worth studying.

• CA-Sen: ZOMG, Chuck DeVore Twitters! And Facebooks!  He raised $1,600 on Twitter!  He’s TOTALLY like Obama! (Is that 140 characters yet?)

By the way, that picture in the WSJ of DeVore checking his Blackberry like a strung-out meth addict should be atop all of Barbara Boxer’s campaign literature for the next couple years.

CA-46: Help Debbie Cook

Make my election prediction come out right!  This is from Debbie Cook’s campaign, via email:

We have volunteers monitoring precincts across the district, and the results look encouraging. Our voters are showing up and Republicans are just not very excited by Rohrabacher.

We need you to help phone from home now, and until the polls close at 8:00.

We need to personally call every Democrat in the district before 7:30 and get them out to vote.

Can you help?

If you can, please email debbiecookforcongress-at-gmail-dot-com and we’ll send you the simple instructions to call from home.

Joe Shaw

Communications Director

Debbie Cook for Congress

A Cook victory would be the biggest ideological shift in the entire House of Representatives.  She is a Better Democrat who needs your help.  Stay for Change and give Debbie Cook a hand.  She will make you proud in Washington.

OC Register says time to clean their clock

The OC Register has a strongly Libertarian bent and their political columnist, Stephen Greenhut, switched his registration this year from Republican to Libertarian after voting for Ron Paul in the Primaries. In today’s paper, Greenhut gives his closing arguments.  They focus on CA-46, Rohrabacher and Cook.  

As a libertarian, I agree with Republicans more often than with Democrats, but I do believe the GOP needs to get its clock cleaned after years of straying from its limited-government principles, pandering to the culturally meddlesome religious right and allowing neoconservatives to drive foreign policy. A Democratic win – especially if the party gains a filibuster-proof Senate majority – will be painful medicine, but the worse the sickness, the more unpalatable the cure.

This is tough stuff in this district, considering that Rohrabacher used to write for the Register. Greenhut did not make any endorsement, but found good things to say about Cook.

Cook is far more liberal than Rohrabacher, but she is intelligent, thoughtful and always game for a political debate. She supported the bailout, although she is not pleased with some aspects of it, and has built her campaign around energy themes.

I was a bit surprised by  

CA-46 Pete McCloskey Stays for Change

(Rohrabacher is openly talking about losing in a Democratic landslide.  Go Debbie Cook! – promoted by David Dayen)

IMG00396 If the name Pete McCloskey sounds familiar, you may remember him as a 7-term Republican congressman from California. Paul Norton “Pete” McCloskey, Jr. comes from a long line of Republicans, going back to the 1850s. He served in the Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps Reserves, and served our country in Korea.

So why’s a former Republican congressman at a rally today endorsing Democrat Debbie Cook for Congress? Because he, like millions of Americans, knows that the Republican party has lost its way. Unlike today’s breed, McCloskey has stood up for ethics and our country’s future. He protected our environment by co-authoring the 1973 Endangered Species Act. He ran for President on an anti-Vietnam war platform. And he was the first representative to call for the impeachment of Nixon after Watergate. He truly put Country before party.

So, rather than traveling to other states to help Obama, McCloskey decided his time was better spent staying home for change in California – and working to get Obama the congress he needs to deal with a country in crisis and desperate for change.

Debbie Cook is an amazing candidate who’s neck and neck with Republican Dana Rohrabacher despite the tough odds in the district. People here are sick of our do-nothing representative who denies the real problems that face our country and our world. How are we to deal with the challenges of global climate change if – like Rohrabacher – we fail to acknowledge that there’s a man-made problem? How can we handle the rebuilding of our foreign policy if we – like Rohrabacher – buddy up with the Taliban? And how can we deal with our disastrous economic situation if we – like Rohrabacher – practice crony capitalism with the likes of Jack Abramoff?

Pete McCloskey knows that the way to do so is to elect better Democrats like Debbie Cook. Sarah Palin brags about her city of 6,000 – but Debbie Cook has been leading Huntington Beach’s population of 200,000 for 8 years. And unlike Palin, Debbie recognizes that our true energy future lies away from oil and gas, and in renewable, sustainable energy sources.

While at Netroots Nation, Pete got his first chance to meet this great candidate. And like many of you, he was won over. So Pete is out this weekend working to help send Debbie to Washington.

And it’s working. The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that Rohrabacher’s afraid Republicans will stay home. Let’s ensure that those who are sick of the way the country’s been run during his terms turn out in force.

Pete knows that Californians don’t need to travel to other states to bring change to this country. If you are anywhere near Orange County or Long Beach, the Cook Campaign needs you in these closing days of the race. Give them a call at 714-842-6358 to find out how you can help turn voters out on Election Day. And if you’re not in the area, please give to help a great candidate close the deal and represent us in Congress.

(And this just in: Orange Juice Blog shares a great, convincing letter that McCloskey wrote to Republicans in the district.)

CA-46: Long Beach City Councilman Puts His Thumbs On The Scale

Gary DeLong represents the 3rd District of the Long Beach City Council, and he holds a monthly meeting – at taxpayer expense – with constituents.  This month he abruptly decided to invite Dana Rohrabacher – his preferred candidate for Congress – to the meeting.

Walking a legal, ethical and political tightrope just before Election Day, Long Beach City Councilmember Gary DeLong has suddenly invited the candidate he supports for congress-conservative incumbent Republican Dana Rohrabacher-to speak Thursday at DeLong’s monthly lunchtime meeting with his Third District constituents.

Debbie Cook, the Huntington Beach mayor who is presenting Rohrabacher with his strongest challenge in his 20 years in the House of Representatives, had not heard about the event when contacted by The District Weekly late Monday night. “I was not invited,” she said.

Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts had been scheduled for more than a month to address the Third District Neighborhoods meeting, but DeLong abruptly disinvited Batts so that Rohrabacher could appear.

DeLong has made three financial contributions to Rohrabacher’s re-election campaign in the last 16 months. He donated $200 on June 27, $250 on Feb. 14 and $200 on June 16, 2007. Additionally, DeLong wrote a $1,000 check to the National Republican Congressional Committee on October 1.

But juggling the guest list at the Third District Neighborhoods meeting may constitute DeLong’s most-valuable gift to Rohrabacher, providing the congressman with a late-in-the-campaign appearance before some of Long Beach’s most-affluent and influential residents.

Hilariously, A DeLong spinner explains that the city staffers for the event are going on their lunch hour and the invites weren’t sent on city time, so everything’s above board.  Oh, and where’s it being held?

THE LONG BEACH YACHT CLUB.  Perfect setting for a Yacht Party get-together.

What’s most notable about this is that Rohrabacher is showing up in Long Beach at all.  I’d be surprised if he knows where it is.  Rohrabacher usually runs up the score in the Orange County strongholds.  This year, he has to search for votes everywhere.

Support Calitics Match candidate Debbie Cook.

…oh yeah, if you want more of an incentive, Dana strongly supports Prop. 8.  He says that we do not need to change the definition of marriage in order to “make a small number of people comfortable with themselves”.  

I think that says it all.

Campaign Update: CA-04, CA-45, CA-46, AD-78

A few odds and ends:

• CA-04: Tom McClintock is bringing out the big guns to help his cash-strapped campaign – Ron Paul is all in!

Paul, the libertarian-Republican congressman from Texas who raised more than $34 million for his presidential race, sent out an e-mail last week urging his massive donor base to contribute to McClintock.

“Tom McClintock is one of the most promising warriors in the fight against big government we have seen in a long time, and the special interests and big bankers know it. … You have stood with me as….

…I campaigned for the Presidency to return our federal government to its proper role. Will you help me bring a reliable ally to Congress?”

This brings up some interesting questions.  Does Tom McClintock think we should withdraw from Iraq and dozens of other military bases around the world?  Does he believe in abolishing the Federal Reserve?  The coinage of free silver?  

They do have one thing in common, however – white supremacist supporters.

• CA-45: New voter registration statistics have not been released by the Secretary of State’s office, but I think they will show good news for Democrats across the state.  One statistic that is measurable is the early voting number, and in CA-45, it’s good news for Julie Bornstein.

Democrats have significantly narrowed the early voting gap in the 45th Congressional District, an encouraging sign for challenger Julie Bornstein in her battle to unseat Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R-Palm Springs), according to Bornstein campaign manager Walter Ludwig.

In both 2004 and 2006, registered Republicans accounted for about 54 percent of early voters, compared with just 34 percent for Democrats. Mack, now a four-term incumbent, cruised to re-election both years by more than 20 points.

This year, early voting is much more evenly split. The latest numbers from the Riverside County Registrar of Voters show that registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by just five percent among early voters.

It’s like the entire Republican machine all collapsed at once.  They used to be MASTERS at getting absentee votes out.  This year, there’s either no such effort, or it’s being matched by Democrats.  CA-45 is under the radar, but these numbers suggest that it shouldn’t be.

• CA-46: At the Great Orange Satan, Devilstower has a great piece that could start a new meme about Debbie Cook – the anti-Palin.

Suppose there was a candidate who was as bright and as capable as Sarah Palin is confused and incompetent.

Someone who had a record of working with environmental groups, and who had a real understanding of the threat posed by our dependence on fossil fuels. Someone with a degree in earth science and the long experience to make the claim of being a genuine energy expert.

Someone who not only knew science, but also had a law degree, and was a graduate of the leadership program at the Kennedy School of Government. Someone who has held positions of honor in state and national commissions. Someone who was well respected for both her intellect and her passion.

Suppose there was a candidate who had been mayor of, not a tiny town, but a medium-sized city. And suppose she took that position as a Democrat in the midst of a heavily Republican district.

Suppose there was someone who was everything that Sarah Palin is not.

Fortunately for us, there’s Debbie Cook.

Read the whole thing.  And help Debbie if you can.

• AD-78: Bill Cavala, who worked the last close race in this district, took a peek at some new registration numbers which show a real advantage for Marty Block:

This year the new registration ‘close’ figures show the Democrats with 101, 131 registrants, an increase of about 4100 from the last Presidential year. DTS registrations are 49,855, an increase of about 5800 from 2004. Most remarkably, however, Republican registration has fallen by almost 8000 – from 82,615 four years ago to 74,700 today.

This means the net change is Dems up 4100 and Reps down 8000 or 12,100 in favor of the Democrat over 2004.

Forget the increase in DTS registrations – which vote more Democratic than Republican in San Diego. Starting out down 12,000 in a seat where they won by 2000 with an incumbent – it’s open this year – puts the Republican candidate squarely behind the 8 ball.

Just one of the many Assembly races where this is so.

Campaign Update: CA-03, CA-04, CA-46, Assembly & Senate

Here’s some tidbits from the campaign trail with 12 days out:

• CA-03: Bill Durston and Dan Lungren debated last night, and it was a predictable affair, says Randy Bayne:

Nothing new, no fireworks, no knockout punch, no excitement of any kind was reported by either MyMotherLode.com or the Stockton Record. Just what we already know – Durston wants us out of Iraq, doesn’t like No Child Left Behind, and thinks the bailout is the wrong solution. Lungren supports the occupation, favors No Child Left Behind, and voted for the bailout.

If you’re looking for change from eight years of down the toilet policy, and you don’t want to continue flushing our future down the crapper – vote for Bill Durston.

If the registration stats cited by anecdotal reports are at all accurate, we’re going to be very close to registration parity in this seat by Election Day.  Lungren may be acting positive in public, but inside the campaign they must be terrified.  They probably didn’t expect Durston to run a credible campaign.

• CA-04: Tom McClintock has caught a bit of trouble for relating gay people to dogs in a roundabout way.

“Lincoln asked, ‘If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? The answer is four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one,'” McClintock said in a statement. “And calling a homosexual partnership a marriage doesn’t make it one.”

I’m pretty sure that means nothing at all, but California’s Alan Keyes has had to distance himself from the comment.  Meanwhile his much bigger problem is lacking the funds to run a proper campaign.  He’s now taken to relying on cheap robocalls, and Charlie Brown has immediately called on him to stop.  Dirty trick robocalls that appeared to be coming from the Brown campaign were a major factor in John Doolittle’s narrow re-election in 2006.

• CA-46: I didn’t get a chance to post Debbie Cook’s amazing closing statement at Tuesday’s debate.  Here it is.

The OC Register has a story on this race today.  These “Challenger hopes to upset incumbent” stories have a familiar feel to them – the pose of surprise that the race is competitive, the quote from the shallow CW fountain like Allen Hoffenblum explaining why the incumbent is probably still safe, and the overall sense of shock, which would be natural if you weren’t paying attention for the last 18 months, like, um, us.

• Assembly & Senate: Art Torres and Ron Nehring had a debate yesterday, and I think Torres needed to be prepped a little better.  He claimed that Democrats could grab a 2/3 majority in the legislature but then couldn’t come up with a simple list of what seats are in play.  He should be reading more Calitics.  Nehring replied with a lot of bunk and a little truth.

None of that adds up to 54 and 27, of course, and Nehring said Torres’ boast “just doesn’t pencil out.”

He noted that Democratic efforts to oust Sen. Jeff Denham via recall failed miserably this year and the party ended up with no opponent to challenge Sen. Abel Maldonado in Santa Maria, a district believed to be winnable by a Democrat.

On the Assembly side, Nehring said, Republicans “have a great shot at holding on to” the 15th and “have a number of strategic advantages in the 78th (because) the Democrats have nominated the most liberal candidate (Marty Block) they possibly could.”

In the 80th, the Democratic candidate (Manuel Perez) “is getting hammered on … social issues which are important to many people in the Latino community,” Nehring said.

“I don’t know how can you be serious about trying to have a two-thirds vote in the Legislature,” Nehring told Torres, “when you blow so many of these opportunities.”

I’ll go bottom to top on this.  Manuel Perez is going to CRUSH Gary Jeandron, and if anyone’s being hammered, it’s the Republicans.  The IE money is pretty one-sided in the state.  Between that and the registration gains, it’ll take more than just spin to dig your party out of its self-created hole, Mr. Nehring.

However, on one point I will agree with you.  The Denham recall and Maldonado disaster have indeed stopped the potential forward momentum in the Senate.  Of course, Torres couldn’t say the plain truth – that Don Perata is among the worst leaders in recent Democratic Party history, and has completely set back the state in major ways by his blunders.  He is an embarrassment.