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Please Support Pro-Democracy Budget Reform Measure ACA 4.

Jon-Erik G. Storm is a candidate for State Assembly in the 33rd District in 2010. He is an attorney in Santa Maria, and lives with his wife, Lara, a 6th grade teacher, in Los Osos. The 33rd District is the least affordable place to live in California, something Jon-Erik is committed to changing. He is also committed to restoring representative democracy to California.

Speaker Karen Bass has proposed a Constitutional Amendment to restore democracy to California’s broken budget process. If passed, this bill would put the question to a vote as a referendum.

If this bill passes, we would have the opportunity to vote for it in a possible special election this June. I would also ask that you support that referendum. In order to get it passed, however, this measure requires two-thirds support in both Houses of the Legislature. Three Republican Assemblymembers and two Republican Senators must join with our Leadership on this. Please respectfully ask for the support of your legislative representatives, regardless of party.

Thank you for your attention.


Jon-Erik G. Storm


[email protected]