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Wednesday Open Thread

Tidbits Abound:

• It looks like Arnold and Mary Nichols think the AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scoping Plan is set to be approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) tomorrow. The plan is fairly thorough. It doesn’t do everything we’d like it to do, but this is a fairly big step. Here’s a PDF of the complete proposed plan.

• The director of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Steven Chu, is set to be appointed the next Energy Secretary by President Elect Obama. Chu is a longtime academic, having been a professor at Stanford. It’s good to see somebody with a background in science, rather than in industry, leading a science-heavy Department.

• Of LA Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley, who was appointed to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality, incoming CA League of Conservation Voters says “In summary, Nancy Sutley rocks! [She is] a rare, political/policy expert who really listens to all sides and doesn’t need to show off her superior knowledge in group situations.”

• Newsweek’s Lisa Miller makes the religious case for same sex marriage.

• Looking for you next hip T-Shirt? Walk right past your local Urban Outfitters.  The company pulled a shirt with “I support same sex marriage.” It is also owned by a right-wing Republican who gives a bunch o’ money to anti-gay legislators like Rick Santorum. I guess it is not true that “Everybody Loves a Bigot Guy.”