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Send the Mitch Who Stole Christmas a Lump of Coal

Well, we know that Mitch McConnell’s heart is definitely two sizes too small.  

The Republican Senate leader’s successful efforts to block the auto bailout has struck fear into the hearts of hundreds of thousands of auto workers–and millions of people in their families, communities, and industry.  That’s a lot of Whovilles.  And even by the Grinch’s standards, the Mitch who Stole Christmas is diabolical.  

Unionized nurses around the country, members of the AFL-CIO just like our UAW brothers and sisters, are kicking off a new campaign to let the Mitch know he’s gone too far.  Time to either get some Christmas cheer–or get booed off the American stage.  Please help out by sending a message to the Mitch here–think of it as a virtual lump of coal.. We’ll send him your words….and the message that a revitalized labor movement is not going to let these jobs be lost.

Remember, the GOP made sure there are no conditions on executive pay the Wall St. firms that got bailed out.  And don’t be fooled–American auto workers don’t make much more than competitors at foreign-owned firms in the South.  For example, new hires at Jeep, a GM company, make 14 bucks an hour.  When McConnell and his gang demand pay cuts for these American workers, really they’re arguing that pensions and healthcare need to be cut.  

If this is their message in the holiday season, I understand why America has just shown them the door.

What’s really happening here is that the Senate GOP sees the chance to weaken American labor unions just as we are resurgent.  

The LA Times reports that: “This is the Democrats’ first opportunity to pay off organized labor after the election,” read an e-mail circulated Wednesday among Senate Republicans. “This is a precursor to card check and other items. Republicans should stand firm and take their first shot against organized labor, instead of taking their first blow from it.”  In the words of Professor Harley Shaiken, though, “If we back up a moment and look at what’s at stake, it isn’t two automakers and a union…It’s the long-term viability of manufacturing and the future of the middle class.”

Please help America’s nurses and auto workers deliver labor’s next blow against the Senate GOP …and let the Mitch who Stole Christmas know that we’re not letting him get away with it.