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AMERICAN DESPAIR: Watching the River Flow

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Adam and I are hardened old cynics at this point.

But Terry was born on December 7th, 1999. He has never NOT KNOWN a time when George W. Bush wasn’t President.

And we’ve been sitting on the couch after Adam gets home from work, watching the DVR playback of the convention highlights… both of us WEEPING LIKE CHILDREN. Holding hands, looking at each other occasionally, realising that we LOST OUR GODDAMNED COUNTRY when they stole that election… and we knew it, we knew we knew it, but we DIDN’T KNOW what we didn’t know.

Oh, we railed, we thundered at the television, we shushed each other because the baby was sleeping, then we’d go out to the patio and whisper-shout at the heavens at the INJUSTICE of it all…

But we just DIDN’T REALISE what would happen — HOW COULD WE???

And we sit on the couch watching this Democratic Convention…

And we weep.

And I’m ALREADY pissed off about the Republicans. Jeff Lieber started me thinking and I haven’t stopped. Because YOU KNOW IT’S FUCKING TRUE.

Here we all are, paying APPROPRIATE TRIBUTE to John fucking McCain and his honourable fucking service to his country, and the horrific tortures he underwent in Vietnam…

And all I can think about now is what the goddamned Republicans would do to him if he were the Democratic nominee. The purple fucking bandaids they’d be parading around at their convention, mocking that service and that torture. The talk radio blowhards’ belittling and questioning of his being shot down.

And, in a personal parallel, I think of my father, and what might have happened to HIM, had he survived and gone into politics as a Democrat. The SAME FUCKING THING that happened to John Kerry, that’s what. And the same fucking thing that WOULD happen to John McCain if HE were a Democrat — the thing that HE CANNOT or WILL NOT see, that his TOTAL LACK of empathy allows him to ignore.

They are fucking SCUM, these goddamned so-called “conservatives.” These motherfucking REPUBLICANS. They will waltz into Minneapolis or St. Paul — which is it, anyway? — and they will puff up their faux-patriotic chests and call themselves “lovers of country” and think THEMSELVES the TRUE PATRIOTS — all the while HATING HALF OF AMERICA.

And the Democrats in Denver will have stood to attention during the raising of the flag and the singing of the National Anthem and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance — and they will have bowed their heads and nodded solemnly – AND SINCERELY — while Democratic politician after Democratic politican reminded them and the national audience that John McCain DOES love his country and DID serve his country honourably and suffer terribly for her…

And next week HORDES of “conservative” Republicans will JEER and LAUGH at Democrats and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his RADICAL WIFE — those FOREIGN, WEIRD, BLACK BLACK BLACK LEFTISTS — and MOCK their LIBERAL, QUEER, UNAMERICAN-NESS and their LIBERAL, QUEER, UNAMERICAN supporters…


And the fucking corporate media will lap it up and stoke the flames and goddamn if half this motherfucking country will go to the polls and vote for John motherfucking McCain and the party of HATE.

CA-Gov Race: Corporate Fascism Trumps All

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Douchebags on Parade

So it’s come to this:

Hollywood Trio Endorses Governor

The move by Spielberg, Katzenberg and Saban could encourage other Democrats to follow.

By Robert Salladay, Times Staff Writer
August 5, 2006

SACRAMENTO — Some of Hollywood’s most reliable and generous donors to the Democratic Party — Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and media mogul Haim Saban — are endorsing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bid for reelection.

Their support is partly a matter of friendship over partisanship. But it could deal a blow to the governor’s main opponent, state Treasurer Phil Angelides, by signaling to other Democrats that it’s acceptable to embrace a Republican.

. . .

Crossposted from MY LEFT WING

Perhaps the deepest pockets among those embracing Schwarzenegger belong to the Egyptian-born Saban, who produced the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and eventually created a media empire.

Saban, who is trying to acquire the Spanish-language network Univision with other investors, is a former trustee of the Democratic National Committee and one of its biggest donors. He spent $200,000 fighting the 2003 recall election that brought Schwarzenegger to power.

Other Hollywood Democrats on the list of Schwarzenegger supporters include Jerry Zucker of “Airplane!” fame, movie producer Jonathan Sheinberg and Bud Yorkin, a longtime TV director and producer.

I withdraw my prior predictions of Angelides’s decisive victory. These fucking douchebags have just guaranteed a Schwarzenegger re-election.

Don’t even get me STARTED on the fucking ironies here — there are too goddamned many to mention.