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Wednesday Open Thread

Here we go on a busy day:

• California’s Leon Panetta’s confirmation finally got out of committee, and should be confirmed by the full Senate shortly.

• Some advice to the conference committee: IGNORE REP. JERRY LEWIS, who was appointed to the conference committee for the stimulus. The man is corrupt. On the other hand, I’m sure if you built a highway near his land, he might be willing to talk.

The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is considering Lloyd Dean, head of Catholic Healthcare West for the Health and Human Services gig.  (h/t CapAlert) Dean was a big Arnold fan during the so-called (and failed) “Year of Healthcare Reform.”

• The Majority Report begins a series looking at potential Yacht Party targets for 2010.  First up is Cameron Smyth in AD-38 (Santa Clarita).  We’ll be ramping up this kind of coverage a few months down the road.

• LA City Attorney (and AG hopeful?) Rocky Delgadillo settled with HealthNet over their practice of rescinding coverage for their insureds when they dare to make a claim. PDF Press release here.  In addition, Anthem Blue Cross is agreeing to take back clients and pay a $1 million dollar fine in its rescission case.