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Archaeologists Dig Up Woolly Mammoth Fossil In Los Angeles, Republicans Make It Minority Leader

Apparently that elephant is anti-tax too, and he remembers the good old days!

Among their finds, to be formally announced today, is the nearly intact skeleton of a Columbian mammoth — named Zed by researchers — a prize discovery because only bits and pieces of mammoths had previously been found in the tar pits.

OK, Dennis Hollingsworth’s new name is Zed.

I was just on KPFA’s Morning Show with former Assemblyman John Laird, and we’ll have audio of that in a bit.  But as we see the Yacht Party spiral ever more into neanderthalism, I want to make a couple points.  First, Zed Hollingsworth is crazy but that’s a matter of degree.  Dave Cogdill wasn’t exactly reasonable prior to becoming Minority Leader – I don’t think he had ever voted for a budget before.  In the world of the Yacht Party, actually doing something to move the state forward is the highest treason.

Second, it’s truly amazing to witness the utter irrelevance of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Asm. Laird had the money quote today – “I never thought I’d be wishing for Pete Wilson again, but I am.”  Pete Wilson was a lawmaker.  He actually cultivated relationships with Republicans, and through carrots and sticks actually persuaded them.  The Yacht Party has grown more entrenched over the years, but Arnold governs by magazine cover and doesn’t even really know who any of them are.  He’s not even in the Capitol today – he went home to Brentwood last night.  The failure of the chief executive to have any power within his own party is a major driver in this crisis.  We don’t need an action hero, just someone who knows the least bit about government.

Short-term, we’re still in the same place.  Darrell Steinberg is “making them filibuster,” keeping the Senate in the building overnight.  The perpetual answer is that something will break in the next 24 hours.  It’s a dispiriting choice between a bad deal and insolvency, but the latter is unthinkable.  Your list of calls is short.

Senator Abel Maldanado (R-Monterey County, 916-651-4015)

Senator Dave Cox (R-Fair Oaks, 916-651-4001)

UPDATE by Brian: Audio of Dave’s appearance with John Laird on KPFA over the flip.

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