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Issa Schooled For HSR Lies

Darrell Issa has had an interesting position in the 111th Congress as one of the chief yarn-spinners on the Republican side.  I guess it’s because he’s immune to any charge of hypocrisy.  First he demanded White House compliance with necessary Presidential Records Act laws regarding email, after playing down the Bush Administration’s major failings in this regard.  Yesterday, he appeared on MSNBC with David Shuster to parrot the latest RNC talking point, that the stimulus earmarked construction of an LA-to-Las Vegas high speed rail train.  Now, I’m not sure what’s so horrible about this – LA to Vegas is a busy corridor, especially on the weekends, and the route essentially goes through desert so construction will be disruptive to almost no communities.  But the fact is that it’s completely untrue – LA to Vegas is not on the current DOT high speed rail lists and no money expressly goes toward construction of that corridor.  A fact that David Shuster inconveniently pointed out.  I particularly enjoy the smile after he knows he’s been caught.

This zombie lie isn’t going away, but at least some reporters aren’t taking the bait.