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Wal-Mart Tops List of Least Socially Responsible Companies

According to the recent BBMG Conscious Consumer Report: Redefining Value in a New Economy that asked which companies come to mind as the least socially or environmentally responsible companies, Wal-Mart topped the list as the worst:

“Wal-Mart also topped the list of the least responsible companies (9%), along with Exxon Mobile (9%), GM (3%) and Ford (3%), Shell (2%) and McDonald’s (2%). Interestingly, 41% of Americans could not name a single company that they consider the most socially and environmentally responsible.”

The survey, of 2,000 adults nationwide, also found that 67% of Americans still feel that it is important to purchase products with “social and environmental benefits” despite the tough economy. Furthermore, the survey also found:

“Seven in ten consumers (71%) agree that they “avoid purchasing from companies whose practices they disagree with”; and approximately half tell others to shop (55%) or drop (48%) products based on a company’s social and environmental practices.”

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