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Watch Our New Ad, “The Future of California” [UPDATE]

(It’s a cute little ad, with a very important message. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

(Cross-posted from The California Courage Campaign)

The Courage Campaign‘s new ad, The Future of California, will be running on TV in certain California markets starting Tuesday but you can watch it on YouTube now:

The spot is a humorous play on the 2004 ad that accused liberals of being Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, chardonnay-sipping…you know the rest. Here, we have the Californians who matter most (kids) tell us what they think of George Bush's special interest agenda taking root in California.

Please view it, rate it up, and spread it around. In addition, in order to keep it on the air, we’re looking to raise an additional $20,000. Any donations to the cause are greatly appreciated.

The ad follows up on our Stop Bush in CA campaign in which we frame 5 of November's ballot initiatives in terms that can really get Californians worked up — their relation to the Bush agenda. Yes, Bush is indeed on the ballot in California this November, especially in the form of two ballot initiatives on which we urge votes of No: Prop 85 & 90.

More on these dangerous propositions over the flip…

[UPDATE]Our ad got linked over at CA Observer and Political Muscle. Let’s try to really get this thing out there! Thanks!

From our Stop Bush in CA page:

Proposition 85

If approved, Proposition 85 would require notification given to parents of a pregnant girl under the age of 18 when she seeks an abortion. Then, a 48-hour waiting period is mandated. 

The issue of parental notification has a long history in California. To chip away at a woman's right to choose, abortion opponents use the idea that good parents should know about their children having an abortion. From this, they work to legislate good parenting. 

Of course, good parents should be involved in a decision like this, but in reality, this law forces even girls who are scared of abuse to inform their parents of their pregnancy. Unfortunately, some children come from families where they just can't talk to their parents. Girls faced with the choice of an illegal, unsafe abortion or facing their abusive parents will often delay crucial medical care or perhaps even consider suicide. The real goal here isn't good parenting but rather a rollback of women's rights. 

This is why nurses, doctors, and teachers all oppose Prop 85. 

The potential for parental notification laws to endanger the lives of children, and the inability of government to impose good parenting means that you should vote NO on 85.

Proposition 90:

Municipalities have basic zoning and land-use laws on the books to protect our communities. Restrictions on big box retailers, adult book stores or huge subdivisions, for example, are intended to maintain a community's integrity. 

What Prop 90 does is allow virtually anyone – including wealthy land speculators and developers – to sue our communities if any subsequent ordinances put on the books might cause them "economic harm."  For instance, if a developer wants to build 1000 homes but your city limits growth due to traffic to 250 homes, Prop 90 allows the developer to sue your city to recover his lost potential "profits" from the 750 other homes.  If the city can't pay then the land use law will be waived. And cities can't pay these frivolous claims if they want to pay for necessities like police, firefighters, parks and roads. 

But 90 isn't just limited to development. According to the state's Legislative Analyst's Office, "these laws and rules could include requirements relating, for example, to employment conditions, apartment prices, endangered species, historical preservation and consumer financial protection."

Help us send a message this November that George Bush's regressive right wing agenda is not welcome in California. View our ad, The Future of California, and spread the word that a vote against 85 & 90 is a vote against George W. Bush. 

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