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Profiles in Yacht Party Courage – Mimi Walters Battles Taxes on Tips for Non-Profits

(crossposted from Orange County Progressive for those who wonder what the Yacht Party members do when they’re not just voting “NO”)

Oh my gawd!

Did you know that when the St. Margaret’s Episcopal School,the private school that State Senator Mimi Walters daughters attend, has a big fund-raiser at a tony restaurant, where the Governor comes, and there’s one of those 18% mandatory service charges instead of being able to figure out your own tip, did you know that the state charges you tax on the tip?

How unfair is that?

Your friendly yacht party representative knows we need to have a law to fix this.

You can’t make this shit up. There’s really a bill Mimi Walters introduced – SB 107 to eliminat taxes on mandatory service charges charged to non-profits for food and beverages.

Can you believe that a legislative initiative as important as this was “Placed on  REV. & TAX. suspense file”?

And that’s not the only huge problem in the tax code that Mimi’s trying to fix. Did you know that when you buy new car, and you have a trade-in, you pay taxes on the entire cost of the new car.

Mimi has two bills to revive our moribund economy by giving you a break on the tax on your trade-in, and giving you an exemption on the car tax for the first year.

You just know you were going to head on down to Fletcher Jones, but you didn’t want to pay that tax on your trade-in or pay that new higher Vehicle License Fee.

Your modern Yacht Party at work. A Roadmap to Recovery, one tax cut at a time.