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LGBT Related Bills in the Closing Days

Dan Walters (he of the global warming agnosticism) did a little summary of LGBT related issues in the Legislature.  I’m just going to borrow a bit from him, and add a little explanation of my own.,

  • SB 1437: The Curriculum law.  After Arnold’s veto threat, Kuehl has gutted the bill of the textbook provisions.  Now the only thing that remains is the provision against “reflecting adversely” in the classroom.  It will pass the assembly and will be sent to the veto.  I’m not sure if Schwarzenegger will sign it though.  There are pressures on him from both the left and the right on this one.

    The ironicly named Campaign for Children and Families has their spin on the “reflecting adversely”, which I find pretty humorous:

    As a result, several school activities will be deemed to “reflect adversely” on transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality:

    • School proms (Prom “kings” and “queens” could not be gender-specific)
    • Gender-specific sports (“Boys Basketball” would be “discriminatory” against transsexuals)
    • Cheerleading (Can you say “transsexual cheerleaders”?)

    Personally I love the rhetorical question about “transsexual cheerleaders”.  It’s quite the bugaboo for them.  Unfortunately for them, there are no provisions against transgenedered cheerleaders now.  In fact no restrictions on gender at all.  Another funny story here, when the Speaker was making the amendments to the bill on the floor, Dennis Mountjoy challenged even the gutting of the bill.  I happened to be in the Assembly at the time.  Mounjoy stood up and said that he didn’t want his name on anything related to SB 1437 at all.  So, a little more gay baiting from the man who went on a talk show with a gay host and called homosexuality deviant.

  • “Senate Bill 1441, also by Kuehl, which would prohibit discrimination in public programs based on sexual orientation, similar to provisions now barring discrimination by race or gender, sent to Schwarzenegger for signature or veto on Thursday.”(SacBee 8/14/06) 
  • “Assembly Bill 606, by Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, which would require school districts to implement programs to combat harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, with the threat of withholding state aid for noncompliance, pending in Senate after Assembly approval.” (SacBee 8/14/06)

    This is another big bugaboo for the Far Right.  They think for some reason that this ends their “protection against the homosexual agenda.” Well, ultimately it works to end discrimination, which I suppose is bad for them.  The more bigots the better as far as the “Campaign for Children and Families” is concerned.

  • “Assembly Bill 1207, by Assemblyman Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, which would change the state’s voluntary code of campaign conduct to include a ban on negative appeals to prejudice based on sexual orientation, awaiting final vote in Assembly.”(SacBee 8/14/06)
  • A bill very similar to AB1207 was vetoed last year  by Schwarzenegger.  I don’t think he could possibly sign it.  It would be quite hard to campaign for a gay marriage ban while not bashing gays.  It’s pretty much part and parcel of the GOP’s game.  Not likely that we’ll see a Republican sign that one.  Attacking gays is pretty much the last refuge of the bigots.  It’s still acceptable to the GOP, and it helps them get elected in places like Monrovia (home to the Mountjoy clan).