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Pelosi v. Woolsey on war funding; Sam Farr on the fence

The Chronicle has a nice rundown of where Northern California House Democrats stand on today’s war funding vote.  The lines of fissure have pitted Nancy Pelosi against Lynn Woolsey, which, if it’s safe to assume that San Francisco is every bit as progressive on Iraq and Afghanistan as Marin and Sonoma Counties are, you could fairly depict as a struggle between the priorities of the majority leadership and the preferences of constituents back home in the Bay Area.  Lynn Woolsey comes out here fighting like a champ for her district, while the Speaker is representing, in effect, the Obama administration.  Which I suppose we should just start getting used to (it’s her job, after all).

One surprise here is that Sam Farr (CA-17) is now “on the fence.”  Farr used to be a ‘no’ vote.  He signed a letter in 2007 committing not to vote for funding without timelines, as well as another letter objecting to the bill in its current form with the IMF provisions included.  His even straddling the fence now is a pretty major reversal, and demonstrates how hard these members are being pushed to break with principle on this decision.

If you live in Farr’s district and believe that a war funding bill without an exit plan and with an IMF bailout is a dumb idea, his office could use a gentle push: 202-225-2861.  One question you could ask is the question Jane Hamsher put to Zoe Lofgren: How exactly does the Congressman justify supporting a bailout of European banks after his own state has been refused assistance when on the brink of bankruptcy?

The vote is today and the final outcome is being shaped this very moment, so your call would need to be placed right now.

As per The Chronicle, here’s where other Northern California Democrats come out:

Where Northern California Democrats stand

How House members polled Monday broke down on the $106 billion bill:

On the fence: Sam Farr, Monterey; Mike Thompson, Napa; Mike Honda, San Jose; Jerry McNerney, Pleasanton; Doris Matsui, Sacramento

Likely/definite yes: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco; George Miller, Martinez

Likely/definite no: Lynn Woolsey, Petaluma; Barbara Lee, Oakland; Pete Stark, Fremont; Jackie Speier, San Mateo

Not returning calls: Anna Eshoo, Palo Alto; Zoe Lofgren, San Jose

State blogs coordinating to stop passage of the war supplemental

State blogs all over the country are teaming up today to encourage readers to show their support to House Democrats who are voting no tomorrow on a war supplemental bill that includes no exit strategy for Afghanistan and an IMF bailout to boot.  Only four more ‘no’ votes are needed to stop it, and there has been MUCH pressure from the White House on some of these members to get back in line, so calls from constituents are critical today.

Among the other state blogs getting the message out are: My Left Nutmeg, Turn Maine Blue, Square State Project, Not Larry Sabato, Michigan Liberal, Green Mountain Daily, Burnt Orange Report, and Blue Mass Group.

This kind of coordinated online action in opposition to the bill has moved the ball considerably over the last several days.  Bringing the state blogs into the picture will help step up that success.

Here’s a message from Robert Greenwald, the president of Brave New Films, where I work:

Here in California, Sam Farr, Bob Filner, Diane Watson, Pete Stark,  Mike Thompson, John Tierney, Linda Sanchez, Mike Honda, Grace Napolitano, Jackie Speier, George Miller and Zoe Lofgren have all taken bold antiwar positions in the past.  If you live in any of these districts, call, announce yourself as a constituent and tell them you support them voting no tomorrow.  Leave a message if the office is closed (which it almost certainly is).

Sam Farr (202) 225-2861

Bob Filner (202) 225-8045

Diane Watson (202) 225-7084

Pete Stark (202) 225-5065

Mike Thompson (202) 225-3311

John Tierney (202) 225-8020

Linda Sanchez  (202) 225-6676

Mike Honda (202) 225-2631

Grace Napolitano (202) 225-5256

Jackie Speier (202) 225-3531

George Miller (202) 225-3201

Zoe Lofgren (202) 225-3072

And of course, Lynn Woolsey, Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee have been outstanding leaders in the caucus on war-related issues over the years, even back when being progressive on foreign policy was like screaming in the wilderness. If any of these are your Representative, call today and tell them how important it is that they cast their votes against the supplemental when they vote on Tuesday.

Lynn Woolsey (202) 225-5161

Maxine Waters (202) 225-2201

Barbara Lee (202) 225-2661