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Keith Olbermann and you

(Thanks to BigDog for pointing this out earlier. I wanted to embed the video on the front page. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

I know, I know, this is not California politics in a very busy moment in California politics, but I had to include this.  Keith Olbermann’s lecture on Countdown was one of those moments that you just want to praise every which way.  It was a member of the media actually attempting to take on the administration and call out their folly.  And he was right that civil discource is part of American soceity.  We need to have the discussion and in the end we will be out of Iraq.  It’s just a matter of time, ignoring the subject helps nobody, Mr. Rumsfeld.  And so, I present to you the Olbermann smackdown of Rumsfeld.  Also note that Keith has a new book coming out.  Buy it; it should be a good one.

Olbermann…An American Defending America

At Political Interviews I have the full video of the moment when maybe the sea really did change and the Admin began it’s fall. The full transcript is on the jump. The Video is in Flash format with an autostart so if you have audio you are in the deal.

I’ve seen this happen once before….when Walter Cronkite publically turned against the War in Vietnam. It was the beginning of the end. This may be the same thing.

At Political Dogfight is more commentary and the emails to use to support Keith Olbermann.

Watch this if you haven’t…it’s better resolution and more like the TV show than You Tube.

It truly was an enthralling moment last night. This one will be talked about for years if not decades.

Olberman was right. This is a democracy. Barely.

And we have to fight for what’s left when Administration figures demand unthinking
loyalty and question the patriotism and intelligence of those who may ask questions or dissent.

I try hard. But if you don’t read and watch…it means nothing.

Why should this be on a California blog? Because we are all Americans first.