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The Reality of the CA-50- Why It’s a One Woman Race

Anyone who understands the fundamentals of campaigns knows that Tracy Emblem, despite her passion and earnest efforts, has no chance to win the democratic primary in the 50th congressional district.  Emblem’s spin on the strengths of her campaign misrepresents reality.  Her minor endorsements and negative campaign strategy has not moved her closer to the only viable candidate for the Democratic nomination, Francine Busby.  

Emblem has failed the key tests of any serious candidate.  First, Tracy Emblem’s scorched earth campaign against Busby is doing a disservice to her party. Second, her funds are not sufficient to compete against an incumbent candidate.  With $8,000 in the bank and over $45,000 in debt, it is impossible to run a campaign and rally support.  Francine Busby has raised almost $290,000 dollars in her race to unseat Bilbray and take back the 50th congressional district for Democrats.  The money, support, and endorsements make it clear that Busby is the only viable candidate in this race.

Emblem’s continued mudslinging is a losing strategy.  This approach has created a false dichotomy between the right choice, Busby, and the empty choice, Emblem. Emblem’s claim that Busby’s support is overwhelmingly due to long time loyalties is petty and insulting to Busby’s supporters and endorsers.  If anything, this indicates that Emblem is in denial about her lack of appeal, and ability to build a broad base of support. Francine’s broad name and face recognition are huge assets that any candidate needs to win. Tracy has no name recognition and no means to achieve it. Although Tracy claims that she is a candidate running for the issues, her only issue seems to be Francine. Having no money and little support, Tracy Emblem’s campaign is over.  The only choice left for Emblem is to graciously withdraw.