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Hunger Strike Day 5 : Candidate Lutz’s Hunger Strike Joined by Libertarian Candidate

Ray Lutz for Congress 2010


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Hunger Strike Day 5: Candidate Lutz’s hunger strike joined by Libertarian candidate

Lutz campaign now accepting donations for San Diego Food Bank

San Diego County, Calif. (August 17, 2010) – At an El Cajon rally on Monday, Congressional Candidate Ray Lutz announced that he had been joined in his hunger strike by Libertarian Candidate Michael Benoit, both fasting until incumbent Rep. Duncan Duane Hunter agrees to debate them.

“I’m amazed at the overwhelming amount of support I’m getting from people across this country,” Democratic Congressional Candidate Raymond Lutz said. “I’m not starving alone and that’s nice.”

Over the weekend, more than 28 people pledged to go at least a day without food in support of Lutz’s cause, including Libertarian Candidate for California’s 52nd Congressional seat, Michael Benoit, who joined Lutz’s “Hunger strike for accountability.”

“I welcome the solidarity offered by Mr. Benoit, who is a very nice person,” Lutz said, before welcoming Benoit on stage to make a statement at the rally in El Cajon’s Promenade Park.

In a speech before dozens of supporters, Lutz and Benoit vowed to continue their strikes until the Hunter campaign agrees to debate them.

“Until he agrees to come before the voters, he can expect that I will be holding press conferences every week to talk about each of the issues that aren’t being debated,” Lutz said. “Jobs, and energy policy, and of course, the issue that’s been on my mind a lot lately – hunger. We’ve had 10.8 million meals served by the San Diego Food Bank in the last year – that’s a lot of hungry people.”

Lutz announced that from now through the end of the campaign, his office would be accepting and forwarding food donations to the San Diego Food Bank.

Lutz ended his press conference by publicly announcing a revised tentative schedule of five debates, planned during the congressional recess, throughout the massive 52nd congressional district.

“I could never imagine a candidate who has been in combat but is slow to engage in debate about the important issues affecting his constituents.” He added, “These problems are effecting his constituents today, and what has he done to help them? He hasn’t yet enacted any legislation at all, and his latest effort was a bill about getting cigarettes to soldiers.” Lutz said, “We need to debate this now, while he is on his legislative break – not in October, after most of the mail-in ballots have already been sent in.”

Lutz, 52, said he had already lost 14 pounds by his fifth day of fasting.

Revised Debate Schedule:

Raymond Lutz and Michael Benoit jointly invite Rep. Duncan Duane Hunter to participate in the following debates, tentatively scheduled for:

WED – AUG 25, 6:30pm Viejas tribal Facilities Viejas

MON – AUG 30, 6:30pm Grossmont College El Cajon (La Mesa Area)

THUR- SEPT 2, 6:30pm El Capitan High School Lakeside

MON – SEPT 6, 6:30pm Serra High School Tierrasanta

THUR- SEPT 9, 6:30pm Granite Hills High School El Cajon

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