Make CA Republicans Own This Budget Deal

Dave Johnson, Speak Out California.

So they reached a budget deal.  The gap was closed entirely with cuts to essential service, schools, health care, etc.  Democrats had to cave out of fear that elderly people literally would not have oxygen tanks.

And to add insult to injury, instead of paying for the oil they take from the state the oil companies receive waivers to allow them to drill offshore!  In the last deficit-fix deal big corporations got a huge tax cut and now oil companies get more of our oil for free.  And we will suffer more pollution of our coasts.  (It’s pretty clear from deals like these who is in control of the Republican caucus.  The citizens get services taken away, the big corporations get perks that increase the deficits.)

This is a Republican budget deal, entirely on their terms.
  Make them own it.

Here is how you make them own it: Make them vote for it.

Before any Democrat votes for this deal, every single Republican has to vote yes.  When the voting start, just sit there.  Wait.  And then when the Republicans have all voted, ONLY THEN should Democrats start voting, but not before. 

If we are going to have to live with a budget forced on us by Republicans and oil companies, then the Republicans have to show up and vote for it.

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2 thoughts on “Make CA Republicans Own This Budget Deal”

  1. Because those people are pirates, and not in a good way.

    Although I’m more than happy to let Steinberg and Bass swim with the sharks as well at this point.

  2. The thing that concerns me the most is that there’s no reform offered with this budget-to me at least-not to support it.

    If Maldo could get a bunch of pet things inserted, a bloc of a few senators should be able to demand that we vote on at least some of the numerous reform ideas out there. I think a pretty strong consensus has developed that this is a structural problem….

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