Ken Calvert named one of Congress’ most corrupt. Again.

Just a few hours ago, Ken Calvert was named one of Congress’ 15 most corrupt members – for the fourth year in a row!


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Once again, Calvert’s ethically-challenged behavior landed him on the non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington most corrupt list:

* Calvert’s shady land deal we read about almost weekly in the newspaper;

* The DOJ investigation into Calvert’s earmarking-for-personal-gain scandal, and

* Calvert’s association with a lobbying firm that’s under investigation.

It’s long past time to lift the cloud of corruption and replace it with honest, straightforward leadership!

While Ken Calvert has special interest lobbyists working hard to raise him money, I have you.

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Four years on Congress’ Most Corrupt list is more than enough!

Thanks for all you do.



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