September 15 Open Thread

Good News for you Google/Calitics Fans: The Google Phone (Android) version of the Calitics is now available in the Android market.  

Now, the links:

• Unlike Carly Fiorina, money is flowing like water from Meg Whitman’s bank account. She poured $250,000 of her cash into the CRP’s accounts.

CalBuzz lays out their thoughts on the Clinton endorsement for Gavin Newsom. They point to the 1992 Brown/Clinton debate (video). Wow, that’s some good times. There is no love lost between Jerry Brown and Bill Clinton.

• LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn will run for Lt. Governor, taking on Sen. Dean Florez and Senator Alan Lowenthal.  Hahn has been waiting for Jane Harman to retire for a while so she could run for Congress, and this announcement signals that Harman is staying put.

• If true, this is a great catch by Steve Maviglio and a complete outrage:

I walked by the Governor’s office on the first floor of the Capitol yesterday and saw something I never saw before: a photo display for the Latino Water Coalition.

For those of you who don’t know, the Latino Water Coalition is a PR front for Burson-Marsteller, one of the worlds largest public relations agencies that has a contract to push dams, canals, and other environmentally-unfriendly “solutions” in California water policy. It’s a classic “greenwash” campaign.

Is the Governor really leasing out the wall space by his office to PR outfits?  Srsly?

• One thing I didn’t mind the Legislature failing to approve was the homebuyer tax credit that was essentially an developer’s bailout, since it could only be applied to new construction at a time when we have plenty of existing homes on the market.  Also, the way it was structured, the credit only went to people of means.  Bad idea, good to see it go.

• Some (marginally) good news for the schools. There was a slight uptick in the measurements in the state’s schools.

• Major news in Los Angeles today, as the City Council will vote on an early retirement plan for union city workers that would result in maybe 1,000 layoffs if it’s not passed.  The city agreed to this in June and now the Mayor wants to back away from it, even vowing to veto any plan including early retirement.  The Council heard two hours of public comment today, and the unions say they identified $60 million in cuts that would allow the early retirement plan to go forward.  We’ll see the outcome of the vote later today.

• CalTrans is in the midst of some big litigation over their minority contracting program.

2 thoughts on “September 15 Open Thread”

  1. We should have displays around the country, replicas of our Arnold-autographed Gov’s office doorway with flyers attached listing the respective prices for influence with the Governor’s office.

    Inclination towards your issue – $10K

    Warmth towards your issue – $50K

    Say no more, done – $100K


  2. As of this evening, the City Council recessed without coming to a decision on the retirement plan.

    They plan to reconvene in the morning.

    I’m, um, well not amused by the fact that the two definite no votes are from Bernard Parks, who gets $22,000 A MONTH in pension from the City. And Greig Smith, who is my Councilman and represents the district I work in as well. He’s not running next year. So why would he care about any consequences? (Not a fan. Could you tell?)

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