CA-Gov: Newsom Campaign Goes After Jerry Brown’s GOP Fundraiser

In an email sent out to their list, Gavin Newsom’s campaign manager Nick Clemons attacks Jerry Brown on the story that David Dayen broke over the weekend, Brown’s headlining of a Republican DA Mike Ramos Fundraiser.

We were astonished to learn from The San Bernardino Sun and that Attorney General Jerry Brown last week was the guest of honor at a fundraiser for San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos, a right-wing Republican, that raised almost $100,000 for the DA’s re-election campaign.

In a real irony, this was the same week that Mayor Gavin Newsom headlined a fundraising event in Dallas for the Human Rights Campaign.

In his introductory remarks for Ramos, Brown called the Republican incumbent, “a real fighter.” But exactly whom has Ramos been fighting for?

Ramos has a “colorful” record, including an ongoing investigation of his office “assistance of investigation” into other officeholders who accuse Ramos of bias by, um, the Attorney General. (This is the point that the SB Sun address.)It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out with the Democratic primary electorate and the press.  

6 thoughts on “CA-Gov: Newsom Campaign Goes After Jerry Brown’s GOP Fundraiser”

  1. I’m pretty uncommitted in the primary, but while I think going after Jerry Brown for fundraising for GOP candidates is pretty fair, the “George Bush” garbage in the subject line of the e-mail message was a little out of line.

    I see this as a primary between two perfectly respectable people that a lot of people will have trouble telling apart, and above all, I hate that the party will probably tear itself apart over this silliness.  They both need to turn the volume down.

  2. Where in the SB Sun article do you find that Attorney General Brown’s office is conducting an “ongoing investigation” of Ramos’s office?  The article says Brown’s office is cooperating with Ramos’s office in an ongoing investigation of corruption which has focused on the County Assessor’s office (not Ramos’s office, which is the District Attorney’s office).  It doesn’t say anything about Brown’s office investigating Ramos’s.

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