October 6 Open Thread

Links from here, there, and everywhere (in California):

• The consensus on President Clinton’s stumping for Newsom: a kind of low-energy, shot in the arm, but, more is needed for a “lusterless” campaign. Newsweek’s blog doesn’t put it so delicately: The Impending Implosion of CA Gov Hopeful Gavin Newsom.

• Yikes! Sales tax receipts are down, hurting local governments, as well as the state general fund. In Bakersfield, they took a look at what caused the drop, and much of it seems to be new car sales.

• Another day, another company quits the US Chamber of Commerce over their paleolithic views on climate change. This time it’s Apple. Not only does the chamber not “believe” in it, they want to do some sort of Scopes monkey trial thing.   Last week, PG&E wrote a letter (PDF) opposing the Chamber’s climate position and announcing they will not be renewing.

• Hollywood is seeing some big financial problems. DVD sales are down, as people transition to digital and rentals. The question is what will the new business model be when this one ceases to work for the film industry.