October 14 Open Thread


• Well, well, this is interesting to see some whispers making into the press: Carla Marinucci asks Rep. Jane Harman about whether she’s looking at the governor’s race. She gets a non-denial denial.  Something to keep an eye on.

• First Lady Maria Shriver apologized for once again violating the cell phone law.  Apology, schmapology, we need the $100 worth of fines!

• Tom Campbell is usually pretty wonky, and usually gets the facts straight, even if he comes to different conclusions than most progressives.  However, today, he just stank it up.  He not only gets the name of the state’s domestic partnership program wrong (calling it civil union), but also misunderstanding that out of state marriages are essentially domestic partnerships under SB 54.

CalPERS had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year. It lost 23.4%. Ouch!

• John Garamendi attacked the wrong David Harmer in a mailer.  He attributed a quote to Harmer that was in fact a different David Harmer. I don’t really understand the whole going negative thing, but sheesh, at least get it right.  

2 thoughts on “October 14 Open Thread”

  1. Given Campbell’s prior support for equal marriage rights, his latest salvo about the alleged unconstitutionality of recognizing out-of-state marriages seems like a desperate bid to find at least one talking point he can use to appeal to hard-core Republican primary voters.  

    It certainly doesn’t sound like the Campbell who wrote only a year ago that he was voting against Proposition 8 because he wanted “to tell the next generation that I was part of ending discrimination, not making it a permanent part of the law.”


  2. In Harmer’s address and discussion with the Concord Chamber of Commerce in September, that I attended, Harmer made it clear that he supports Free Trade and with it the outsourcing of jobs.  He brought up the issue of a Philippine call center that I believe his bank used unsuccessfully in the long run, as an example trying to show that Americans could compete.  However, it was clear that he had no problem with the original outsourcing to begin with.

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