A Spooky Open Thread

PugkinTo the right you will see the Brians’ attempt to carve a “pugkin” Let’s just say Better Homes and Gardens makes carving a dog-kin look a lot easier than it actually is. Now, to some links, some scary, some not:

• You want something scary, huh? Well how does the AG’s office secretly taping phone calls with reporters sound? CalBuzz thinks Brown needs to fire Scott Gerber, the press person who did the recording. Of course, Gerber should have told everybody he was recording. But there is an argument the other way, principally that it was an on-the-record call for publication the next day. Either way, Gerber is in the wrong, but the consequences are still up to Jerry Brown.

• Dan Walters has a story on the Edvoice vs CTA skirmishes. EdVoice is a pro-charter school group founded by a bunch of rich dudes, while CTA advocates a return to real investment in our public schools.  Under the dome, Edvoice tends to go for somewhat moderate Dems. In the Supt. of Public Instruction race, it looks like CTA will be supporting Torlakson, and Edvoice Sen. Romero.  Walters, a victim of Sacramento bubble syndrome, kind of ignores Supt. Larry Aceves, who has been getting some pretty good fundraising numbers. If the fight gets nasty between the two Legislators, Aceves may be the beneficiary.

• Garry South is showering some love on Tom Campbell. The cynic would say that South just doesn’t want to face Campbell in a general if Newsom gets that far, but that would be, oh, right, very Garry South.

• John Garamendi holds a ten point lead in the CA-10 race, according to a SUSA poll. The third party seems a bit higher than you’d expect. My guess is that Garamendi pulls in about 55% or so, Harmer 40%, and then the rest scattered about. The LA Times takes a look back at Garamendi’s career.

• Monday is World Pneumonia Day. It’s a huge problem in the developing world, but can be cheaply and effectively treated. It is simply a matter of resources.

• California is among the top tier in testing requirements as compared to other states.

• The Los Angeles County Democratic Party is hosting an Activist Summit on Sunday, November 8, at Cal State LA.  Click for details.  The summit will focus on communications strategies and building club infrastructure.  I (Dante) will be joining my brother David in presenting on new media and social networking.

11 thoughts on “A Spooky Open Thread”

  1. The smartest people I know in education have been terrified by what’s happening with Education with Scharzenegger’s appointments, especially in conjuntion with disappointing Obama policies, where the President seems to be channeling a forty year old battle between reformers and urban teacher’s unions, where for-profit charter schools, testing companies, and voucher advocates somehow come out the winners.

    It’s like the worst policy you could come up with if you stuck the SDS and the Heritage foundation in a room until they agreed on something.

    These folks like Aceves who understand how to run schools and knows where we can make smart changes in California’s education policies.

  2. …and Obama’s point man from ChiTown turns out to be another hyphy scam artist jes like Bush’s man.

    If we are to ever become a progressive nation we must fight and win the battle of education. This is where we won in the 1870s with the introduction of public education for all and this is where we MUST win today.

    Another reason to like Mr. ‘Old School’ Jerry Brown I believe.

  3. It seems all the three Republicans running are anti-gay. And with a competitive race between Romero and Torakson I hope the Republican candidates get shut out in a runoff.  

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