November 30 Open Thread

• Hey, did you know Arnold isn’t even liked in Hollywood anymore? Well, Hollywood Park racetrack anyway. He got booed while he made an appearance in the Winner’s Circle there.

• Downey is looking to Tesla’s potential electric car plant for a chance at revitalization. Like many suburbs that boomed with aerospace and defense contracting in the 50s, Downey is struggling to adjust to a new economy. This could be an interesting example for other towns to follow into the green economy.

UC-Irvine is creating a degree in game science starting next school year. The idea is to create future video game designers.

• John Fensterwald’s op-ed in the Mercury News calls for UC students to hold a teach-in for the public on the California budget mess vis a vis the UC system.

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  1. And to think, when I studied “game science” it was about decision making…  things like the prisoner’s dilemma.  Something that might help understand how we got into the mess we’re in now.

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