Wake Up Wal-Mart Blitzes California Tomorrow

This holiday season, millions of Californians will gather with their families and reflect about what good they’ve done this year.  Millions of Californians will also flock to Wal-Mart to purchase cheap, Chinese-made toys and are poisoned with dangerous levels of lead, chlorine arsenic, cadmium and bromine.

So this holiday season I’m working with Wake-Up Walmart and Change.org to urge Wal-Mart to take dangerous products off its shelves before we read headlines about toddlers poisoned by lead and arsenic.   We’re launching a be push in CA tomorrow and I want to encourage all of you to join our rally – or even just sign the petition – if you can.

We’ll be at these locations tomorrow:

10 am – noon – 1540 West Foothill Boulevard, Upland, CA

2 PM – 4 PM  – 80 Rio Rancho Road, Pomona, CA                    

And just to give you an idea of the chemicals that we’re urging Wal-Mart to get off its shelves:

Lead – Lead is used in lead-acid batteries, bullets and shot, and is part of solder, pewter, fusible alloys and radiation shields.

Arsenic – Arsenic and its compounds are used as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and in various alloys.

Cadium – Cadmium poisoning is an occupational hazard associated with industrial processes such as metal plating. Inhalation can result in chemical pneumonitis and pulmonary edema.

Bromine – Bromine is a reddish-brown volatile liquid. Bromine vapors are corrosive and toxic.

And these chemicals are in Wal-Mart toys!!!

Wal-Mart’s sales of these toxic products aren’t inevitable.  With massive economy of scale, it could very easily pressure manufacturers into making products safer.  But instead it’s pressuring suppliers to cut corners on safety so they can cut costs and rake in profits.

Of course, the government is turning a blind eye.  So that’s why it’s up to activists like you and me to do something good this holiday season and make an impact.  Take 30 seconds to sign this petition that will then be sent to Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duck – it’s that easy!

And try to stay away from Wally World! Here’s to your health…