December 24 Open Thread


• CalPIRG thinks the health care bill could be better, but will support it overall.

• Bah Humbug! Don’t light fires tomorrow in the Bay Area, there’s a spare the air day in effect.

• The federal and the state California population estimates are separated  about 1.5 million people. The argument should be mostly settled by the census next year.

• The Anthony Adams recall effort has been officially abandoned, as they won’t sue the state over the sampling figures.

One thought on “December 24 Open Thread”

  1. What an uplifting and innocuous title.  Ten inspectors, a spokesman, and executive director who can’t get his adjectives right, all on the public dole, tell the story of repression gone mad.  Does it puzzle as strange anyone that a page with a link to a story rife with encomia to the joys of government inspectors ferreting out malefactors who burn wood has a link to something called “Down with Tyranny”?

    At this rate, I’ll opt for a tyranny of the right rather than of the left due to the cooler uniforms.

    Cuba will be free before California.  Viva la revolucion!

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