What Really Happened in MA. Progressives stayed home.

Wanna know what really happened in MA on Tuesday.

The same voters who buried McCain didnt vote this time.

Almost million MORE folks went to the polls in MA in 2008 and all of them voted for Obama.

Scott Brown got the same vote total as McCain, but Coakley got 900k fewer votes.

Dem turnout and independent turnout just disappeared.

MA Election results  

2010 election  

1,168,000 brown  

1,059,000 coakley  

    20,000 others  

2,247,000  total

2008 election  

1,109,000 mccain  

1,904,000 obama  

  100,000 others  

3,113,000 total  

Brown wins with about the same vote as McCain got.  

Where were the 900k or so voters that didnt show up at all and who just a year ago gave Obama the win?

Brown ran identical numbers to McCain, but Coakley drew 900k fewer.  

Dems and independents just didnt turn out. It is as Howard Dean tried to say but then didnt have the data to support it–Progressives are mad at Obama for talking tough on Corporations, HMOs, Big Rx, and Wall Street. But then playing kissy face with them.

There are about 1.5 million Dems, .5 million Goopers, and 2 million no party in MA.