January 29 Open Thread


*  Surprise, Surprise, Meg Whitman is playing fast and loose with stats in her ads.

*  Jerry Brown gets tough! Unfortunately, it was on Gavin Newsom, who is in fact not the likely Republican candidate for governor.

*  John Eastman, the very conservative dean of the Chapman Law School, has hopped into the Republican primary for Attorney General.

*  The Senate looks at the availability of parking in major cities.  Increasing the price of parking is a good way to reduce driving and the associated congestion and environmental damage.

2 thoughts on “January 29 Open Thread”

  1. refuses to acknowledge that Los Angeles was built to showcase the car.  There needs to be the infrastructure to support people using masstransit.  It’s kinda ass backwards in some ways especially with cuts to bus service etc.

    The history of LA is appalling in that it was built for cars and that needs to change and there needs to be more buses trains, etc for people to use it.

    Just a thought.  

  2. This is something that the State needs to leave to the locals to deal with as is appropriate for their neighborhoods.  Restrictive parking may work in parts of San Francisco or L.A. (Lung Attack City) but makes no sense in a village in Humbolt or the Sierra.  There comes a point when the impulse to micromanage  our lives needs to responded to with a redirection to attention to more important matters and a little faith in people at the local level to come up with the right mix of the practical and ideals.

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