CA-GOV: Is DiFi Getting In the Race?

I don’t normally post vague, unsourced rumors, but I think this is a general sense of those around the Capitol. Specifically, the rumors of Dianne Feinstein entering the governor’s race are heating up once again.

It’s hard to keep genuine interest, especially from somebody as noticeable as DiFi quiet very long. However, as Robert noticed, DiFi does seem to want people to keep noticing her. I’m not sure all that much has changed since Robert wrote that post back in November, but it seems her attention to the governor gig has increased over the past few months.

So, how’s that for some blind rumors on a Friday morning?

16 thoughts on “CA-GOV: Is DiFi Getting In the Race?”

  1. I really wish she would. DiFi probably wouldn’t run the risk of pulling a Coakley on the CA-GOV race, unlike Brown. And it’s hard to imagine that we couldn’t get a more progressive Senator (in the Boxer mold?) out of the deal as well.

    What’s the deadline for DiFi to hop in the race? Would that mean we’d have two Senate races to vote on in November?

  2. … would mean a gubernatorial appt. of a replacement senator, the seat would not come up this year.

    That person serves until the next general election (Nov. ’12, which is the natural end of DiFi’s term anyway) or there can be a special election called. Even if someone wins the special they only serve out the remainder of the term, not a full 6 years.

    I would imagine that both the appt. and whether to call a special election is Arnold’s call in his last days in office, but someone smarter than me may know if DiFi could wait to become gov. to appt. her own successor. I wonder if Arnold could appt. himself. Could be a strange dance for a while.  

  3. from well-placed sources are that DiFi is merely interested in running for re-election to the Senate.

  4. She frustrates me as a Senator. I’m not sure what solutions she could possibly bring to fix the state’s problems. She strikes me as timid and slow to come around to certain policy positions, and now’s not the time to be timid. There’s something to be said for common sense solutions, but there must also be some ambition, a fierce urgency to tackle things and comeup with some new ideas for a new century.  

  5. Waited until he was sworn in as governor, to resign from the Senate, so that he could appoint his Senate successor.  He defeated Feinstein for the Governorship and then appointed John Seymour to his Senate seat.  Whom Dianne defeated two years later.  This, of course, all happened almost twenty years ago.

    Is is weird to anyone else that the California Democratic Party is reaching into its history books for candidates as we begin the second decade of this millenium?

  6. DiFi making a move like that, if she wins she gets to appoint her successor for almost 2 years right? Who would get the Senate seat? Newsom, Jerry Brown, Judy Chu, Jackie Speier, etc…. where does DiFi go to get a senator?

  7. That this site is mildly excited about the prospect of DiFi, of all people, running for Governor.

    Between these two retreads and Carly’s mystifyingly bad demon sheep ad, I am wondering whether the Sleep Talking Man was talking about California politics when he said, “Vampire pengins and zombie guinea pigs?  We’re done for!”

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