February 4 Open Thread


* Arnold talks up the state by calling Florida for “old people” and saying nobody wants to visit Iowa.  

* Capitol Weekly has a profile of J. Clark Kelso, the prison receiver.

*  Sen. Ron Calderon wants to start cracking down on the marijuana dispensaries.

*  Ted Lieu is going anti-Toyota and buy-American after Toyota’s recent troubles. He wants legislators to buy American cars as their “pool vehicles.” Hey, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a pretty sweet little ride.  

2 thoughts on “February 4 Open Thread”

  1. Just when weed is getting affordable and people aren’t buying it off the MM this guy is going to make noise to get cheap points? Great, then he can get tough on crime when it goes up. Douche.

    i think we should send frickin sheep with frickin lazzer beams after him.

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