March 19 Open Thread


*  Sen. Steinberg appointed Sen. Pat Johnston (ret.) to the Delta Stewardship Council created under the new water legislation.  I (Brian) am not totally certain that this body will be all that effective, but I respect Sen. Johnston a lot.

*  The Prof. Engineers and Prof. Scientists are speaking against the legislative pay cuts, saying an additional pay cut would allow only the rich to become legislators.

*  The reporting period ended this week, so we got wind of some big contributions.

*  Some locals are suing the federal government over the Richmond San Pablo casino.

* Just as he’s almost fading from discussion, Steve Poizner is “just getting started”.

* Meg Whitman spoke to a Hispanic business group and didn’t mention immigration. Later told the SJ Merc that she was going to crack down. Funny how that didn’t come up during the discussion.

2 thoughts on “March 19 Open Thread”

  1. Watching Bill Maher and Maher introduced Newsom as running for AG… Did Newsom switch races? Janice Hahn scared him that  much?

  2. The current base salary for lawmakers is, I believe, $95,000. Another 10 percent cut would be $85,500.  Plus per diem and travel, etc.

    You have to be independently wealthy to work for such a trifling wage? Spare me.

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