Republicans Party Like Its 1994

The GOP seems to think 2010 will be just like 1994. So, why not go back to the anti-immigrant well a la Prop 187?  From Carla Marinucci:

Poizner told The Chronicle this week that illegal immigration would be one of his “top priorities” as governor, insisting he would be tougher on the issue that Whitman.

“I supported Prop. 187, and she does not,” he said, referring to the 1994 initiative, approved by voters but struck down by a federal court that would have banned illegal immigrants from using public services in California.

He said he opposes taxpayer-supported education and health care benefits to undocumented immigrants and their children because the cash-strapped state can no longer foot those bills.

Whitman’s chief strategist, Mike Murphy, said she “is as tough as nails” on illegal immigration, supporting efforts to secure the border and opposing sanctuary cities.(SF Chronicle)

Why not? Well, California is a very different place in 2010 than it was in 1994. Demographics no longer favor the nativists. Let’s see Whitman and/or Poizner say this stuff to the general electorate. Or better yet, instead of talking pablum to Latino groups, talk about their “tough on illegals” stance. Talk about splitting up families, and tearing apart communities.

See how that works for you in 2010.

8 thoughts on “Republicans Party Like Its 1994”

  1. Whoever wins the GOP primary has to either continue this immigrant talk in the general campaign or reverse positions. Both of this choices are problematic, so it will be fun to see how they handle this. Prop. 187 was why the Republicans lost a lot of electoral strength in California.

  2. Here’s to hoping we score some blatantly Lou-Dobbsian sound bites. “I supported Prop. 187” doesn’t have quite the same zing as “They keep coming”

    Which is probably why they have Murphy doling out the bad cop language, yes?

  3. Revise the process of birthright citizenship to say 1 parent must be an american citizen, and then pass amnesty and the pernament partners bill at the same time.

    We prevent the abuse of american generosity, we allow people who have set up roots (some illegally) with amnesty and we allow partners who are not entitled to marriage to stay in the country.  

  4. We are not getting rid of the 14th Amendment to appease a bunch of racists. You can forget that.

    If you’re born in America, you are an American. We don’t inherit the legal status of our parents. What if your mother is a felon without voting rights? Should that legal status be conferred upon her child? That’s the door you’re opening with this nonsense.  

  5. (Passed during the Reagan administration, no less) that emergency rooms are unable to deny health care based on immigrant status?  How is Poizner going to get around that requirement?

    The new Health Insurance Company Profit Enhancement Act of 2010 has guaranteed that undocumented workers are not allowed to buy insurance, so this will be their only recourse.

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