The truth about union democracy?

True democracy does not allow for certain things to happen. It does not allow for individual leaders to abuse their power then fight in order to cling to it. This is true of nations and organizations alike. The cause is ALWAYS greater than these individuals! Where this fact has been forgotten, chaos and confusion reigned. And when this happens, democracy requires that its members seek information and hold their leaders accountable.

Next week, the former leaders of our union will go to trial in San Francisco for their actions against us, the members. Much has been said of “Union Democracy” by those that sought to usurp it. Now WE, THE UNION will finally have the chance to find clarity we have hungered for in the mist of these confusing times.

My name is Rudy, and I have taken care of patients for years. Like you, I was confused by all that has happened in the past few months. I am pleased to be there in the courtroom as it all unveils.  I will be posting daily reports of the day’s events. Like you, I want to move on and take care of my patients, make our union a stronger organization than before…won’t you join me?

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