More Tax Loopholes

It seems that’s the only way you get Arnold Schwarzenegger to do a damn thing these days. You want to change education? Add some tax credits. You want to cut spending? Add some more tax loopholes, and we’ll talk.

And, now, the Legislature has decided to just talk.  So, they’re throwing in a homebuyer’s tax credit (putting realtors over our children) and a sales tax exemption for environmental technology companies (putting another business sector ahead of our children). Yay!

Responding to a demand by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, state lawmakers Monday sent him bills establishing another homebuyer tax credit  and a sales tax exemption for environmental technology firms, satisfying him enough to win his signature on a transportation funding bill.

Schwarzenegger last week threatened to veto a Democratic gas-tax maneuver that would save the state $1.1 billion as it tries to close a nearly $20 billion deficit. The proposal was similar to a gas-tax swap Schwarzenegger first proposed in January, but the Democratic version provided ongoing funding for transit programs.

The Republican governor, in a letter, vowed to veto the gas-tax proposal in part because he said lawmakers had not sent him the job creation bills he wanted. (SacBee)

This, my friends, is called hostage taking in the vein of Lucy and Charlie Brown.  Arnold proposes a law, gets Dems to buy-in, and then pulls the old veto card out of his hat. Football yanked! Ha-Ha.

Get used to this Democrats. If Meg Whitman successfully implements her “Buy It Now” program for the governor’s gig, this is what every negotiation will look like. If you don’t do what she says, she’s going to veto everything. Or so she says. But if she’s going to go that route, she’d do well to learn from the master. After all, look where all this hard work has brought him. It takes real work to get to be the worst governor ever.

3 thoughts on “More Tax Loopholes”

  1. Congratulations Democrats- you just gave $200,000,000.00 to home builders in tax credtis for their buyers and took that amount of money from Schools.  Jobs, Jobs ,Jobs – Thousands of teachers will lose their jobs this year, our childrens education will suffer and you spend money to build houses when the State is glutted with un-sold homes. Shame on the legislature!

    S. Salkin

  2.  Any of this stuff can be taken back. Look the Federal Government its spending has Home Buyer Tax? This is a Republican idea added to the Stimulus Bill, why wouldn’t Republican controlled States (here just the Governor) adopt this idea?

    What we should be doing it helping out those in foreclosure, not trying to prop up our Cowboy Capitalism economy with home sales which are being made only by those not effected by the crisis and they are mostly in the 6 digit income range so what your doing is helping those that don’t need any help to start with.

    We need to setup California to be the buffer between US and what happens elsewhere in the country. We’re 14% of this countries GDP and pay more back to Fed than most of the Red States do combined.

    We should also uniting with Washington and Oregon….


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