April 5 Open Thread


*  If you are in the Bay Area, on 4/10, the Commonwealth Club’s Inforum program will be hosting Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman.

*  Tom Campbell announced that he raised $1.6 million for his Senate bid, which is substantially more than he raised for his run for Governor. That doesn’t change that he wants to repeal the health care reform measure.

*  The Tea baggers haven’t really gained steam in California, so writes Anthony York. DeVore still languishes far behind in the Senate race, and Poizner’s pandering to the base hasn’t yet worked for him.

*  Former Dem. state Sen. Al Rodda passed away yesterday. He served in the Senate for 22 years and was known as a champion of liberal causes.

* Poizner is going to attack Whitman on immigration, and it looks like it’s going to get ugly.

* This is really bad news. Los Angeles will run out of money by early May and will deplete the reserve funds before the next fiscal year.