April 13 Open Thread


*  Carly Fiorina is leading the Republican money race in the Senate primary. All three candidates are trailing Sen. Boxer.

*  Gov. Schwarzenegger is not pleased with Poizner’s latest ad, which goes after Arnold on immigration.

*  CSU-Stanislaus is in a fight with, well, everybody, over the speaking fees for Sarah Palin’s appearance. Today, the big news is that a contract was found in the dumpster, partially shredded.  The university’s position is rather untenable here. They are arguing that it’s a private foundation, yet the foundation is staffed by almost all faculty or administration. They can get whomever they want to speak, but they need to be honest with the state of California.

*  Care to take a guess at who pays the highest tax rate? It’s the poorest 20%.  With sales taxes, that quintile pays the highest percentage of their income to taxes. Meanwhile, the Cal Chamber cries crocodile tears about the high tax rates on income over a million dollars. You can find the details in a CA Budget Project Report.

3 thoughts on “April 13 Open Thread”

  1. nothing about the two special elections TODAY for SD-37 and AD-43?  Sure, we know which party will win those two races, but who will actually go to Sacramento?

    Right now (the SOS site hasn’t updated it for over an hour, though) in SD-37, Bill Emmerson (R) leads everyone else of whatever party with over 40% of the vote.  Are we working with open primary rules here, where you’d need 50%+1 to avoid a runoff, or are we working with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s get-re-elected-with-only-39%-of-the-vote rules?

    In AD-43, the Republican is leading all Democrats with 32.5%, but that’s because there’s only 1 Republican running, versus 3 Democrats.  Dem Nayiri Nahabedian is barely ahead of Mike Gatto, with Chahe Keuroghelian behind by a much bigger margin.  I have never heard of any of these people, and have no idea if any of them is considered a frontrunner.

  2. that the poor, middle class and small businesses bear an inordinate share of the burden of cost and cuts while the largest corps get sweetheart tax deals, utilize tax credits and cry for more.

    Instead, we need to fire up the small business sector which provides the greatest number of jobs, services and benefit to the community.

    (and the industry of education of course)

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