April 28 Open Thread


*  Chuck DeVore is all over this Arizona immigration law. The interesting thing is that so is supposedly “moderate” TOm Campbell.  Fiorina isn’t so sure yet.

*  More fallout from the Arizona immigration law: Sacramento Mayor is shunning all things Arizona, and San Francisco has banned city travel to the state.

*  The TeaBaggers will be protesting San Francisco …in San Francisco. Apparently, they are jealous of the shining City on a Hill.

*  Chuck DeVore got the big Mike Hukabee endorsement.

7 thoughts on “April 28 Open Thread”

  1. the far right says tom is soo liberal and soo wrong

    and the far left says tom is so right winged and soo wrong

  2. The primary voters he needs are supportive of the law. Fiorina is hedging her bets.

  3. Meg Whitman is against it.  Steve Poizner is against it.  http://www.sacbee.com/static/w

    The only other Republican running for major statewide office to support is Chuck DeVore, and we know he’s somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun.

  4. The racist Tea Baggers who don’t like Mexican and Central American immigrants are going to start their anti-immigration protest at 24th and Mission?  Get me a seat and pass the popcorn.

  5. I wonder if anybody will tell them that their gathering point for the start of the march, the Civic Center, is not located at 24th and Mission.

  6. Founder Melson says, “I am very worried about this country. This is no joke here. It is not getting any better and in fact, it is going downhill fast. This is how civil wars start. I say spend your money anywhere else than in San Francisco, vacation elsewhere, dine elsewhere-if you protest here, bring your own food, coffee and water.”

    Wait.. so Melson claims that a civil war can be probable because of the boycott of AZ and thinks the way to counter it is.. another boycott? I don’t see the logic..

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