Whitman FAIL: Prefers To Buy, Not Debate

Meg Whitman has lots of money, so she’s been able to buy all the TV time that she would want. Why would she accept debates when she could just buy all that?

Well, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t worried about appearances of rejecting all those debates. So, she’s gone on the offense.

The two have tangled publicly over debates, with both accepting one appearance together. Brown, a Democrat, has challenged Whitman to nine more.

“We’ll look at some of these other debates. But I’ve got to tell you, he is talking about 10 debates. I would be glad if he had 10 ideas to fix California,” Whitman said to applause from the 75-strong audience. (LA Times)

Meanwhile, what are her ideas? Well, I’ll let Arnold Schwarzenegger summarize her “bogus talk.”

He didn’t mention her name, but in brief remarks at the Los Angeles Press Club’s annual awards gala on Sunday night, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger swiped at Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, calling her proposal to eliminate 40,000 state worker positions “bogus talk” and praising journalists for asking where those cuts would be made.(SacBee)

Whitman doesn’t have the ideas, and that which she has are “bogus.” Sounds about right.  Nonetheless, she’s got money, so the whole Buy It Now Plan is still in operation.

One thought on “Whitman FAIL: Prefers To Buy, Not Debate”

  1. Meg needs to least accept the blogger’s debate as Meg’s second debate and I would call that even. I wish Jon could pressure Meg to accept a second debate. I have not heard any news on the Flashreport site.

    Meg does not want to appear at any unscripted events even if its an event hosted by Republicans only.

    Both candidates need concrete plans. We can not afford to wait until AFTER the election to find out what they stand for.  

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