August 17 Open Thread

We’re waiting for results on the Laird race, but in the mean time, Links:

* For two candidates running for statewide office, you would think Steve Cooley and Carly Fiorina would take a stand on Proposition 23, but no.  The effort to repeal AB 32’s historic greenhouse gas pollution regulations apparently don’t rise to the level of importance to take a stand.

* Speaking of Steve Cooley, California Watch exposed some punitive measures against his deputy DA’s union.  A recent lawsuit alleges that he punitively transfered deputy DAs who dared to organize, and even harassed an external media outfit working with the union. (Note: Brian does some work for Kamala Harris.)

* Roger Niello is officially running to replace the late Sen. Dave Cox, and has now received some favorable words from Cox’s widow.

* Republican SoS candidate Damon Dunn got a profile on the Sean Hannity show.  And according to the Hannity folks, he was endorsed by Willie Brown.  Except, Willie himself called that idea “crazy.”

“Hell no..are you crazy?” he said. “I do training of folks with my Institute, and I have absolutely talked to him. But I would never be for Damon Dunn against Debra Bowen, who is one of my chief operatives. One of the things I recommended to Damon Dunn is that he not run against Debra Bowen.”(SacBee)