Steinberg to Seek Reversal of Attack on California’s Needy

While it isn’t likely that the Legislature will be able to come up with the 2/3, Steinberg is hoping to wait out Gov. Schwarzenegger:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg  will try to reverse Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s line-item budget vetoes when the next legislative session begins in December, according to his spokeswoman, Alicia Trost. …

Steinberg’s strategy does not rely on overriding the line-item vetoes, which would take a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. Instead, it seems that Steinberg intends to ask Democrats to reauthorize spending for the programs slashed by the governor.

It’s unclear to what extent Steinberg’s plan relies upon passage of Proposition 25, which would reduce the state’s budget requirement of a supermajority vote to a majority vote. Even without passage of Proposition 25, lawmakers could appropriate funds for education on a majority vote – including the $256 million in child care funds that Schwarzenegger vetoed.(SacBee)

Schwarzenegger went behind the back of the Legislature and blue penciled cuts that he knew the Democrats could not abide.  Now we need to ensure that Brown wins, but one hopes that he would be amenable to these programs.

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  1. I had the money back that Ahnold and Company took out of My SSI check since around Feb 2009, I could sure use It again, As all they did was make My life that much harder, But then to them I’m a disabled parasite whose stealing their money, I used to get $907 in early 2009, Now It’s $845 and California hasn’t gotten any less expensive since then, Nor do I think It ever will be. Heck I can’t even afford Dental work on My front teeth which would need replacements with an implant/bridge, I still haven’t fixed the A/C in My car either. I don’t care about the former state colas as they weren’t funded since the 90’s.

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