December 9 Open Thread

Some links in no particular order:

* The crime victims fund, started under Pat Brown, has now been around for 45 years, with a total payout of over two billion dollars.

* In theory, when you don’t pay the sales tax for an online purchase, you are supposed to pay the use tax.  Unfortunately, not enough Californians are actually doing that, and we’re losing over a billion dollars per year. George Skelton wants California to get serious about collecting, working through our own state measures and/or working with the federal government to end the sales tax moratorium.

* CTA’s David Sanchez has some advice for Gov.-elect Brown: focus on funding and the State Board of Education.

* The rough census total from California? About 39 million people in the nation’s largest state.  If we were a nation, that would make us roughly the world’s 30th largest country.

* Worker’s compensation? Yeah, it’s supposed to be about helping injured workers. Sure would be nice if it actually did that.

6 thoughts on “December 9 Open Thread”

  1. My business (and I presume many others) got a letter earlier this year about use tax owed on any supplies or equipment bought out of state. I don’t believe that I owe any, but this was definitely a new initiative.

  2. @Use Tax, as soon as Prop 8 is repealed I will send my Amazon / Tiger Direct purchases use tax from 2007 and beyond to the state.

    And Bernie Saunders filibuster, I like it. Bernie Saunders is actually speaking reason. We need infrastructure, we need manufacturing and he is dispelling most of the stuff Ive been brainwashed on.  

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