Campaigning So Soon?

Well, we had an election six months ago, and we’re not going to have a special election anytime soon, but members of both parties are out and about making their case to the people:

Brown will visit an elementary school today in Riverside and a California Cadet Corps celebration Saturday in Los Alamitos. Both are in Republican legislative districts represented by senators who negotiated last month with the Democratic governor.

“The governor has spent a lot of time in Sacramento so far trying to allow people to vote on tax extensions,” said Gil Duran, Brown’s press secretary. “Those efforts have been blocked by Republican obstruction, so now he’s going to talk directly to the people.”

Republican and Democratic lawmakers said Thursday they are also launching road efforts to drive home their points.(SacBee)

Of course, this game plays both ways as the Republicans are launching a few salvos and spreading the word amongst their base.  Bob Dutton called out the Governor for appearing in his district to talk budget issues.

I’d expect this to last a few weeks as the parties jockey for position before a potential Brown-supported budget initiative got started.  I hope to get to one of these forums, and if you happen to stop at one, let us know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Campaigning So Soon?”

  1. Forget the Republicans !!

    Ask unions to start circulating petitions

    That will put pressure on Goopers

    If they don’t want to negotiate, submit the signatures

    Depending on ‘reasonable’ or ‘responsible’ Republicans is a fool’s errand

    Use ballot initiatives for the Tax Extensions and a 1% tax on the wealthy

    Focus on those two issues

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