Field Poll Shows Dip in Brown’s Support

Well, this should come as no surprise at all:

Gov. Jerry Brown still has public support for his tax plan, but the margin has slipped, and so has his public approval rating, according to a Field Poll released today. … Though Brown’s public approval rating has   slipped just two percentage points since March, to 46 percent, many Californians who previously were undecided about Brown made up their minds against him. Thirty-one percent of voters disapprove of Brown’s job performance, up from 21 percent in March.

“Three months ago he was still in his honeymoon period with voters,” Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo said. “Now I think what you’re seeing is more of a return to normal.”

Fifty-two percent of registered voters surveyed said they would be willing to extend temporary tax increases to close the state’s remaining $9.6 billion budget deficit, a drop of nine percentage points from March.(SacBee)

That last number, for the tax extensions, is in some highly dangerous territory.  It is not hard to imagine the campaign that could lure away 3% of those voters to vote no.  Also, turnout models for a September election would be extremely difficult to model, so take some grain of salt here.

These numbers correspond with May numbers from PPIC showing a similar drop, though PPIC has support for the extensions a bit lower.

11 thoughts on “Field Poll Shows Dip in Brown’s Support”

  1. “That last number, for the tax extensions, is in some highly dangerous territory.”  Oh noes!!!!!  I’m in danger of keeping more of my money 😉

    Seriously though, I’m not here to troll 🙂

    But the voters of CA (not unlike most people given the illusion) want to have their cake and eat it to.  This game is gonna get played out every year until certain demographic changes (age, not race) bring about a new paradigm.  Liberals and the unions are going to have to take less and less money because their is going to BE less and less money.  Ironically this is gonna hurt the faux-free market conservatives as asset values decrease with wages.

    I’ve never understood how “progressives” whose goal I thought was equality, could be so opposed to the magical free market process of inflation.  If everybody’s working McJobs the cost of goods will adjust.  What quicker way to utopia???

    Or is this a case of union workers and bureaucrats being “more equal than the others”???

    …to paraphrase Orwell

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