Brown to Veto Budget Today

Well, Jerry Brown, you fooled me.  Yesterday I said that you would probably wait on the budget bill for a week or two as you tried to negotiate a deal with the Republicans.  Well, apparently you didn’t even want the stench of it on your desk:

Gov. Jerry Brown will veto his own party’s budget on Thursday, less than 24 hours after Democratic lawmakers sent him a majority-vote plan balanced with risky solutions, according to sources in the Legislature.

The Democratic governor said during his campaign and throughout this year he would not sign a budget filled with “gimmicks,” though he suggested earlier this week he had relaxed that stance.(SacBee)

Well, back to begging and pleading then?  Check the veto message here.

UPDATE: The Governor has posted a video about the veto, basically saying that he’s not going to kick the can down the road.  Good for him, and likely good for the people of the State of California.  At least we can hope that we’ll never see the stupid sale/leaseback again.

Now, as to the question raised about the legislators’ salaries, commentor DarwinBG is right, they will continue to get paid.  Basically Prop 25 requires that the Legislators pass a budget, not actually impliment it.  I’ll check back if the June 30/July 1 deadline has any significance on that front, but I don’t think so.

UPDATE 2: Well, it appears that John Chiang isn’t quite so sure whether yesterday’s budget passed the smell test.

Controller John Chiang spokeswoman Hallye Jordan said Wednesday that Chiang had not yet reviewed the budget bills. The Democratic controller, who issues state paychecks, determined earlier this month that Proposition 25 requires lawmakers to send the governor a “balanced budget” to meet the pay requirement.

Brown said in his letter to lawmakers Thursday, “Unfortunately, the budget I have received is not a balanced solution” and that it was “not financeable.” Jordan was not immediately available Thursday to say whether the controller would issue paychecks to lawmakers in light of the governor’s message and veto. Proposition 25 does not speak to a balanced budget requirement, but Chiang included that interpretation two weeks before the deadline.(SacBee)

If this lingers on for very long, the question of “balanced” might end up becoming the stuff a legal case is made of.  For the time being, if they miss a week or two of paychecks, no legislator is going to make a big stink.  If it runs longer, well, maybe a termed-out legislator decides that he (or she) wants that paycheck after all and doesn’t like Chiang’s interpretation.  But that will still be a while.

3 thoughts on “Brown to Veto Budget Today”

  1. Good for Governor Moonbeam. Not to brag, but I thought there was a very good chance he would veto this piece of garbage. I predicted when he was elected he would be tough, and I predict he will continue to be tough.


  2. Because Prop 25 only requires that they “pass” a budget, not that the Gov. sign it?

    Not that I ever put much stock in the pay-withholding gimmick as a tool of good governance.

    I fail to see how any of this advances anything.

  3. “A case of celebratory Hefeweizen beer was carted into the Assembly speaker’s office for lawmakers shortly after the voting concluded.”

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