Jerry Brown Takes to the National Airwaves

Governor appears on Cnn’s State of the Union Sunday talk show

by Brian Leubitz

Governor Brown appeared on CNN this morning, where talked about a wide range of topics.  Some notable points include the fact that the California budget might be falling apart already due to the possible denial of a waiver for the big MediCal cuts and Jerry’s continued insistence on hewing to the balanced budget.  Whether this means another round of cuts if parts of the budget break down is still up in the air.

Also of note, from a John Myers tweets:

Brown says on CNN that CA & US need 2nd stimulus, but it “has been stigmatized by the Republican leadership.” #cabudget

Of course, the fact that the first stimulus was too small and too laden down with tax cuts was obvious from the day it passed to those who really bothered to look at the economic reality.  But given the political climate, we’re now looking at going in the opposite direction with further government cuts.

Check out the interview to the right or at CNN’s website.

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