Schlapp a Socialist? Conservative Union presents hilarious scorecard


While others debate whether to punch a neo-Nazi, Matt Schlapp and the American Conservative is seemingly questioning whether they can slap a socialist. Today they released their “conservative scorecard.”

It’s hilarious. Let’s peek at a few of the bill descriptions:

  • “Socializing Rideshare Services by Imposing a 5 Cent Tax on All Rides.”
    • (SB 1376 – Hill) – Apparently a 5 cent tax to fund accessibility will bring the hellfire of socialism down upon us.
  • “Expanding Automatic Voter Registration.” (AB 1407 – McCarty)
    • Sure, sound innocuous enough, but you know how the Right hates when people vote. So, yeah, they hate when you make it easier for young people to vote, and this does just that by automatically registering them to vote when they get their first driver’s license. Their thoughts? “ACU opposes automatic registration programs which weaken ballot integrity and makes it easier to commit voter fraud”. Umm, what voter fraud? You mean this North Carolina Republican voter fraud? Yeah, automatic registration has nothing to do with that.
  • “Interfering in Private-Sector Business Operations by Mandating Gender Quotas” (SB 826 – Jackson) –
    • This one is the landmark legislation to require parity on corporate boards. But, to the ACU, progress on diversity is just the government trying to hold corporations back. So, yeah.

All this is to say, guess what: Republicans are all very conservative! Democrats are all socialists. And they helpfully provided that their “best” Democrat was Rudy Salas, and that their “worst” Republican was Brian Maienschein. Except that Asm. Maienschein is now a Democrat, so, whoops.

Anyway, if you need a reminder of just how far the Right has drifted, you can see their scorecard here (PDF).