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Registration Advice Wanted

Okay, so I’ve moved since the last election and I’m considering reregistering at my new location. (The old location isn’t that far away, and since I send most of my mail to my Parent’s house anyway it isn’t a hassle to vote in the old location.) Given the new rules which get rid of closed primaries I’d been considering officially registering as a republican so that I could screw with them by helping Ron Paul. (Note that I don’t actually agree with him on anything, just think he will cause them the most pain at the convention.)

Moreover, I recently found that California isn’t actually a true winner take all state, but instead awards most of it’s delegates by who wins the in each congressional district*; further, I live in an area where few republicans actually are in the local districts, so this would make my vote disproportionately effective in this case. However, I’m still not certain, so any advice would be appreciated, especially  on things I might not have considered. (Also, is there a better name I could give this diary?)


Dianne Feinstein on Lieberman

With Lieberman in the news, I thought you might be interested in this response by Dianne Feinstein:

Thank you for contacting me about Senator Joseph Lieberman’s (I-CT) recent appearance at the Republican National Convention. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to respond.

Like you, I was very disappointed by Senator Lieberman’s speech at the Republican Convention and his criticism of Senator Barack Obama. However, with only a few months left in the 110th Congress, I believe it is better to wait until the beginning of the new Congress to reevaluate Senator Lieberman’s Committee Chairmanship.

Once again, thank you for expressing your concerns. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C office at (202) 224-3841 or visit my website at Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein

       United States Senator