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An Independent City Hall?

Do you think the SFMTA President should have received a $384,000 golden parachute for walking off the job 6 months after he signed a new contract?

Is it acceptable that the San Francisco Ethics Commission is appointed by the same politicians it is supposed to be policing?

Does it help the city that unregistered lobbyists, representing downtown interests, spend hours in City Hall bending the ears of our leaders?

No way. But that’s what’s happening right now. Help us stop it.

This past weekend, we are released our plan and petition for an independent City Hall direct to the voters via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Will you join me and let the insiders know you won’t take it anymore? Read the plan. Sign the petition.

For 23 years, I have been a champion of open government and a proud independent voice — independent of the downtown interests, of the city hall insiders, and the political powerbrokers.

Join me in creating an independent City Hall and let the insiders know you won’t take it anymore. Read the plan. Sign the petition.

Recently, the San Francisco Bay Guardian wrote about the tight-knit group of shadowy powerbrokers that run City Hall.

“They desperately fear that Yee will win the mayor’s race and clean house, kicking out…all of the…cronies, greatly reducing their power in San Francisco.”

It’s time to create an independent City Hall. Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Create a Citizen Ethics Commission. No longer will city politicians appoint the very people assigned to watch them and monitor ethical violations.
  • No more golden parachutes. Insider appointees get special treatment. It’s not fair to the taxpayers and it’s bad for the city.
  • Crackdown on unregistered lobbyists. Powerful, political insiders are gaming the system to their advantage. It’s time to stop them.
  • Increased enforcement from Ethics Commission. Without sufficient enforcement, shadowy outside groups break campaign rules without fear of punishment, hurt our democracy and impact key policy decisions.
  • Improve sunshine ordinances. Our open government and sunshine laws have become toothless. We need to create a faster more accessible way to make records available to the public for review.

Will you join me and let the insiders know you won’t take it anymore? Send them a message that it’s time for an independent City Hall. Sign the petition.