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The Surreal Politics of Orange County: Freaky Friday!

Here are some wild and wonderful stories from behind the Orange Curtain, and across the Land of the OC, that will make you laugh, cry, and scratch your head in total disbelief:

Flip-flop Romney! So you still don’t believe me when I tell you that Mitt Romney is not a “true believing” conservative? Then go over to The Liberal OC, and see what Dan has to say about our favorite GOP Presidential contender!

Janet, Janet… Oh wait, no more Janet! Now that Janet Nguyen will likely be moving onto the OC Board of Supervisors, what happens to her Garden Grove City Council seat? Mike Lawson has all the scoop on who may replace her on the GG council at The Liberal OC.

Do the other four OC Supes want to “cut and run” from Santa Ana? Art Pedroza is now worried that a couple OC Supervisors are seriously considering moving the county seat from Santa Ana to Irvine. And what would happen to the Santa Ana Civic Center, where the county operates presently? Go see Orange Juice for more.

Overheated and Absurd? Unfortunately, my friend Jubal/Matt Cunningham at OC Blog would rather dismiss all of us as hotheads than to discuss the real problems of the 241 Extension to Trestles. So am I being “overheated and absurd” by presenting some disturbing facts about how the 241 Extension to Trestles wouldn’t ease South County traffic even as it destroys one of the last pristine beaches in SoCal?

And finally…

OC drops charges over airport profanity… Now why the hell was this person arrested in the first place?

Now ain’t that SURREAL, or what?!