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Take Action on Climate Change This Weekend!

Desertification and malaria may rise in Africa because of it. India’s food and water supplies may vanish because of it. The entire ecosystem, as well as the basic livelihood, of Mediterranean Europe may be in jeopardy because of it. Canada may have to change all of its social and economic policies because of it.

It’s climate change, and it can be devastating for California if we don’t do anything about it. So what can we do about it? Well, how about making some noise about it on Saturday!

(Follow me after the flip to find out how!)

So what can you do about climate change? How about joining us at the Huntington Beach Pier on Saturday to demand action on reducing our carbon footprint? How about going to Main Beach in Laguna Beach on Saturday to demand an 80% cut in carbon emissions by 2050? How about finding an event near you to attend on Saturday?

Yes, Congress needs to act on climate change. Yes, the President needs to act on climate change. Yes, the state needs to continue taking action. Yes, our local governments need to take action. And yes, the private sector needs to take action. But NONE OF THESE governments and businesses will take action if WE DON’T. That’s why we need to step it up, speak up, and take action on climate change! I hope you join me this weekend as we take action in our communities.

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